An intern's-eye view

Adrian Holle spills the beans on his month-long internship at Matter&Co and Pioneers Post...


I arrived at Matter&Co on my first day not knowing what to expect. I definitely didn’t expect the broad variety of work that I would get almost from day one, working across both the PR and journalism side of the business. The team were warm and welcoming, but also trusting.


I’d heard horror stories about interns at big firms spending their days making coffee and filing, or simply sitting around doing nothing. Luckily, at Matter&Co, it was the complete opposite! I was assigned to write an article for Pioneers Post on my first day, and it was published the next day.


I’m super thankful to Lee, my boss and the head of Pioneers Post, and everyone else on the team for believing in me and letting me do such a range of things that I didn’t expect to be trusted with as an intern. Writing articles, blog posts and tweets, going to events, helping out with comms workshops and getting on the phone to sell tickets to social enterpreise communications conference Good Stories (Go buy some!), I feel like I’ve done a little bit of everything, and learnt a lot in the process.


I’d done a little bit of journalism before, but nothing on this level. I found myself interviewing heads of big companies in England, Scotland and Vietnam, and checking back with them personally to confirm details about deals worth tens of millions!


Going to the House of St. Barnabas for an article on the launch of a report about the importance of lived experience in social change was a real highlight. I’ve also learnt a lot more about the social enterprise sector, which is a really exciting sector that I think I’ve managed to really get to grips with now.


Public Relations was another field I really wanted to understand. I’ve been able to sit in on comms workshops, help write scripts to films and animations, brainstorm ideas and get an understanding of all the work that goes into how the design team develop brands, logos and colour schemes.


Sitting in on a brand workshop for a company planning to design a platform for children with learning difficulties and their families was one of my most interesting experiences here. Distilling their passion and ideas into one overarching message that we could use to help create their brand gave me a glimpse into the huge amount of work that it takes to create a communications strategy.


It’s been fascinating: I’m really glad to have done an internship at a smaller firm like Matter&Co where I was able to see so many different parts of the process over my month here. I’m very grateful to Lee and everyone else on the team who made me feel welcome and entrusted me with all the different jobs I did over my time here. It’s been a great experience, and definitely piqued my interest in PR, journalism and social enterprise. The only problem now is choosing a sector! 


Adrian joined Matter&Co for one month during July and August 2017. During this time, amongst other accomplishments, Adrian wrote four articles for Pioneers Post which you can find in the links above and at